Vaccinations FAQs

Most pet owners know the importance of staying current with vaccinations for their cat or dog. Our team at Rock Knoll Animal Hospital in Oklahoma City provides vaccinations as an essential service for your pet. Our veterinarian has gathered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding pet vaccinations.


1. Why Should Pets Get Vaccinated?

Vaccines for pets work much like those for humans. Your pet's immune system is triggered by a much weaker form of a disease, so it can make antibodies. Pets who have been vaccinated will be able to fight off certain infectious diseases more effectively if they are exposed later in life.

2. Why Are Some Vaccines Required?

Some diseases are highly contagious and cause severe harm to other pets and humans. One example is rabies, which can cause death to other pets and severe illness in humans. The best prevention is the use of a vaccine to stop the potential spread.

3. Why Should I Bring In My Pet In For Initial Vaccinations?

Our veterinary staff will make sure your pet starts off its life in the right direction. Puppies and kittens should start a vaccination schedule in the first few weeks of life because their immune system is not yet fully developed. Expect your pet to receive a series of core vaccinations to protect it from illnesses that compromise its quality of life.

4. What Is A Pet Vaccination Schedule?

Our veterinarian is committed to creating a suitable vaccination schedule for your cat or dog. Most pets have their initial series of vaccines between 4-20 weeks of age and receive boosters as needed. Older pets will not receive as many vaccinations as puppies and kittens, but boosters should be given to maintain the effectiveness.

5. Are Vaccines Safe For My Pet?

The short answer regarding safety is yes. Vaccines have been proven as an effective preventative measure against infectious diseases. There is only a small percentage of animals that may react to certain vaccinations. However, most veterinarians agree that vaccinating your pet is an excellent way to keep it healthy for the long term.

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