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Our Emergency Vets in Oklahoma City, OK, Are Here to Help Whenever Your Pet 

Needs Urgent Care

As a responsible pet owner, you probably take your animal friend to the vet regularly. However, you never know when an emergency will arise. Rock Knoll Animal Hospital in Oklahoma City is available at times when your pet needs care in unexpected situations. Here's why we're one of the top providers to choose for urgent pet care needs. 


Conditions We Treat

You can bring your pet to us for just about any condition or ailment. We offer an array of vet services to pets in or near the Oklahoma City area. You can bring your companion animal to us if it has a fever, earaches, coughing and sneezing, eye or nose discharge, occasional vomiting or diarrhea, wounds, malaise, parasite bites, and just about any other problem that it may have. Our loving and compassionate emergency vet team can diagnose and treat your animal quickly and with the highest level of care and concern.

Scheduling an Appointment for Urgent Care

During an urgent situation, you want help right away when your pet is hurting. We understand that, which is why we offer convenient hours and on-demand treatment. All you have to do is contact our animal hospital and let us know that your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. We will do our best to schedule you and your pet in between appointments. We are able to move things around so that your dog, cat, or other pet can get the care it needs to make a speedy recovery.

Our urgent care hours are when we are open only. If an urgent situation happens after hours, we will direct you to a 24-hour vet hospital in the local area.

Care for a Variety of Pets

Our emergency vets are experienced in caring for various species. Therefore, you can feel confident coming to us for help as we most likely can meet your pet's needs. We will gladly care for your cat, dog,  rabbit, bird, reptile, or small farm animal with the highest level of concern.

Get Help from a “Veterinarian Near Me”

There's no need for you to search for a "veterinarian near me." When an urgent problem arises, you can rely on our team of veterinary experts in Oklahoma City, OK. Kindly call Rock Knoll Animal Hospital at (405) 634-5700 ahead of time if your pet needs urgent care. That way, we can assist you and be prepared when you and your animal arrives.

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