Puppy & Kitten Care

A new puppy or kitten can be a great addition to your family. Puppies and kittens are adorable and they make excellent companions. If you plan to adopt a puppy or kitten, it is essential that you understand that it is a major responsibility. Your pet will depend on you for everything, including food, shelter, love, and attention. It is also your responsibility to ensure your pet is healthy. When you bring your new puppy or kitten home, you should schedule an appointment at Rock Knoll Animal Hospital in Oklahoma City. This first visit is very important and lays a foundation for good health for your new friend.


Check Your New Pet's Overall Health

During your pet's first visit, our veterinarian will perform an exam to ensure that your pet is healthy. If it was born with any health issues, our vet can begin treatment early. The first visit to our vet will give you peace of mind that your new pet is healthy.


Your new pet will need vaccinations to allow it to live a long and healthy life. Most of the necessary vaccinations need to be administered during the first year of your pet's life. During your new pet's first visit to the vet, it will be given the first round of vaccinations. Our vet will also schedule a follow-up so your pet can get the next round of vaccines.

Discuss Spaying and Neutering

It is best to have your new pet spayed or neutered. During your new pet's first check-up, our veterinarian will discuss the benefits of spaying and neutering and what to expect. If you adopted a kitten, it can be spayed or neutered as young as eight weeks old. Male puppies should be neutered at six months old, and female puppies should be spayed between five and six months before they go into heat for the first time.


During your pet's first visit to the vet, you should have it microchipped. Dr. Payne can implant a tiny microchip under your pet's skin near the shoulder blade. The number on the scannable microchip will coincide with your contact information in the nationwide lost pet database. If your pet gets lost, the microchip can be scanned so you can be reunited with your pet quickly. Having your pet microchipped will give you peace of mind that your pet won't be lost for too long.

Questions and Concerns

When you first adopt a puppy or kitten, it is not uncommon to have many questions regarding diet, behavior, and energy level. During your pet's first visit to our animal hospital, you can ask our veterinarian any questions about your new friend.

Get Quality Veterinary Care in Oklahoma City, OK

When you adopt a puppy or kitten, the first thing you should do is schedule an appointment at Rock Knoll Animal Hospital in Oklahoma City. Dr. Payne will give your pet a full examination and administer the appropriate vaccinations to ensure your pet's health for years to come. Call us today at (405) 634-5700 to schedule an appointment.

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