Pet Dental Care FAQs

Dog breath is never used as a term of endearment. The odors that come out of our pets’ mouths are more than just the scent of the last kibble that was eaten. That odor is a mix of decaying food caught in the corners of the mouth and teeth. The process of food breaking down causes erosion for the teeth and gums and can lead to multiple health issues. Our team at Rock Knoll Animal Hospital in Oklahoma City would like to go into some of the questions that we run into regarding pet dental care.

Pet Dental Care FAQs

Why Don’t Wild Animals Have Dental Diseases?

In the wild, animals seldom live past a few years of age, meaning that they do not outlive their teeth. In the wild, issues that stem from dental troubles can be a death sentence as they prevent some animals from being able to consume food or adequately defend themselves.

What Causes Dental Diseases in Pets?

Dental diseases are caused when bacteria in the mouth collect to form plaque. Plaque hardens into tartar, which spreads below the gum line. From beneath the gum line, the teeth may begin to decay or cause abscesses in the gums. This will make the pet susceptible to infections, which could lead to further complications.

Will a Cleaning Fix Bad Breath and Other Mouth Problems?

A cleaning will make a huge difference for your pet’s bad breath, but only for the immediate time being. Cleaning is routine maintenance but does not eliminate the need for preventative maintenance between cleanings. Without regular dental hygiene, the plaque and tartar will return.

Why Do Cleanings Involve Anesthesia?

Animals are not fond of having their mouths invaded. Regular dental cleanings at home will miss the deepest areas. Our veterinarian will need to be able to freely get to these crevices with as little trouble as possible. Since the pet would be in a heightened state of anxiety throughout the cleaning, it is more humane for the pet to be unconscious during the procedure.

Can I Do Dental Cleaning From Home?

There are at-home pet dental care products available. Brushing is a terrific way to maintain a healthy mouth, keeping plaque from becoming tartar. However, any tartar that is present will need to be removed with a professional cleaning.

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