Orthopedic Surgeries for Pets

Rock Knoll Animal Hospital in Oklahoma City, OK, offers comprehensive veterinary care. Pets sometimes suffer injuries or illnesses that require surgical care. Orthopedic surgery can save your pet from permanent disability. Learn more about our board-certified surgeons who perform orthopedic surgery for pets.  


Does Your Pet Need Surgery?

We treat problems related to age, congenital defects, or trauma. Whether your cat or dog needs soft tissue or orthopedic treatment, the veterinarians at Rock Knoll Animal Hospital are here to help. We are the right option for pet owners in Oklahoma City looking for the highest quality of care. We will help you prepare your pet for surgery and care for them during the critical recovery stage.

Orthopedic Surgery for Pets 

We use orthopedic surgery to help correct musculoskeletal issues in cats and dogs. If your pet has been involved in an accident or another traumatic event, they may be suffering from fractured bones or torn ligaments. Sometimes, aging pets suffer from osteoarthritis. Orthopedic surgery can treat these conditions and many more. We walk you through the process and let you know when to come in for checkups and follow-ups to make sure everything went as planned.

Soft Tissue Pet Surgery

We also perform soft tissue surgery. If your pet has an issue related to skin, muscles, or internal organs, we can often treat it via soft tissue surgery. Examples of these procedures include reconstructive, shunt, and cancer surgeries

What Happens After Pet Surgery?

Your cat or dog will likely spend at least a few hours under the care of our veterinarians following surgery. When you take your dog or cat home after the operation, we will provide specific instructions to help your pet heal quickly and safely.

For extensive surgeries, we may keep your pet under observation for a few days. Other surgeries are less complicated and do not require an overnight stay at the clinic. Here are a few things to expect if you take your dog or cat home soon after surgery:

  • Your pet will need a lot of rest in the first 24 hours following surgery.
  • They will be groggy and uncoordinated as the anesthesia wears off.
  • You may want to crate your cat or dog the first few days after surgery. This will limit their activity and give them a chance to heal.
  • Add blankets to the pen, room, or crate where you confine your pet to help them stay comfortable.

Veterinarian in Oklahoma City

At Rock Knoll Animal Hospital, we have years of experience performing pet surgery. For more information on orthopedic surgery for pets or to set up an initial consultation for pet surgery, call us at (405) 364-5700.

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