Pet Microchipping from Your Veterinarian in Oklahoma City, OK

The loss of a beloved animal due to theft or a sudden escape can be heartbreaking for its owner.  Our Oklahoma City veterinarian recommends microchipping as the most successful method for protecting cats and dogs in these situations.  Implanting a chip is fast and convenient at our Rock Knoll Animal Hospital.


Why Opt for Pet Microchipping?

An animal that has undergone microchipping has a much greater change of returning home than one without a chip.  Only about one of every five dogs that reach a shelter each year eventually returns to its owner.  The situation is more dismal for cats, with just a 2 percent chance of reuniting with their families.

Microchips offer easy maintenance in addition to peace of mind.  Issued by multiple manufacturers, all chips have a life expectancy longer than that of the pets that receive them.  Owners only need to initially register contact information in the manufacturer’s database and then make sure the data remains current.  During wellness exams, our Oklahoma City staff scans the pet to confirm that the chip is in place and functioning properly.

Inserting a microchip is harmless to a pet and occurs quickly.  An owner can opt to schedule a time for the procedure or decide to add it during another appointment.

Microchips are far more secure than detachable collars.  Our doctor advises that the optimal protection for a pet is a microchip plus a breakaway collar with identification tags attached to it.

What Owners Can Expect

A microchip is an electronic device placed inside a miniature glass container.  It has the shape and size of a grain of rice.  Insertion by our veterinarian takes just seconds.

Microchipping involves implanting the chip under the skin using a hypodermic needle.  The site typically selected lies between the shoulder blades.  Discomfort is usually minimal, much like that associated with everyday injections.

Every chip bears a unique manufacturer-assigned number.  When an unidentified animal arrives at a vet practice, shelter, or police station, the staff scans it with a special wand.  If the animal has a microchip, the unique number displays. When the correct owner contact information is on file, it is possible to begin the process to help get the pet home.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Oklahoma City Veterinarian

At Rock Knoll Animal Hospital, we treat our patients like the valued family members we know they are.  Our Oklahoma City veterinary practice provides routine medical, dental, and surgical care ranging from teeth cleaning to microchipping plus emergency services.  Be sure to call us today at 405-634-5700 to schedule your pet’s next exam or to ask any questions about the services our veterinarian offers.

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