Diabetes in Pets

What to Know About Diabetes in Pets Provided by an Oklahoma City, OK Veterinarian 

If you suspect your pet has diabetes or already know your pet has diabetes, you are probably on the hunt to find an expert who can help. At Rock Knoll Animal Hospital, serving Oklahoma City, OK and the nearby region, our vet would like to educate you about what you should know about pet diabetes. Additionally, our vet would like to educate you on what you should do and when you need an emergency vet visit for your furry family member. 


General Information About Diabetes in Pets  

Pet diabetes is a condition that your cat or dog may have or develop and occurs when your pet's blood sugar levels rise too high. Your pet may either have type I or type II diabetes. Type I diabetes is when your pet produces little to no insulin to combat blood sugar levels. On the other hand, your pet may have type II diabetes, which stems from insulin resistance -- when your pet does not respond to the insulin. A pet is born with type I diabetes but may develop type II diabetes at any time during his or her life. 

Symptoms of Diabetes in Pets  

You may notice that your pet is thirstier than normal if he or she starts to develop diabetes. Additionally, your pet may urinate more than normal. 

Pet diabetes can also cause changes in your pet's appetite and lead to unexplained weight loss. In addition, your pet might not have energy or may sleep more than normal due to an increase in tiredness. 

Although you may not want to smell your dog or cat's breath, if you do, you may notice that your pet has a fruity or sweet-smelling breath. 

Your pet's eye may appear cloudy as well.  

Complications from Diabetes in Pets 

Unfortunately, if you do not receive treatment for your pet's diabetes, he or she may lose his or her eyesight. A dog or a cat may suffer from high acid levels in his or her blood, known as ketoacidosis. Your cat may also experience recurring infections and pancreatitis. Dogs, on the other hand, may develop cataracts. 

Treatment for Diabetes in Pets 

Diabetes is a manageable condition that may require diet changes and possibly a medication. Pets with type I diabetes receive insulin while type II diabetes is usually manageable with an oral medication.

You will receive education regarding how to take care of your pet and monitor his or her sugar levels. You will also receive education about when to bring your pet in for an emergency vet visit, such as signs your pet's blood sugar is dangerously low or high. 

You now have a better understanding of diabetes in pets. Additionally, you will know how to identify the signs of diabetes. 

Schedule an appointment with Rock Knoll Animal Hospital, serving Oklahoma City, OK and the surrounding region, for your pet's first diabetes appointment by calling (405) 634-5700 today. 

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