Comprehensive Vet Care

We know firsthand how our pets' love enriches our lives. Keeping pets happy, healthy, and full of vitality starts with quality comprehensive veterinary care. This same level of care should be provided throughout a pet’s entire life. At Rock Knoll Animal Hospital, we have been providing residents of Oklahoma City, OK with reliable pet care services for many years.

Comprehensive Vet Care

Annual Wellness Exams

Coming in for an annual wellness exam lets us touch bases on your pet’s health needs and find out ways we can help your pet get better faster. We will look for early warning signs of disease, take your pet's vital signs, and discuss any health issues you should be aware of. We discuss the benefits of spay and neuter services during these visits if you haven't yet had your pet fixed. 


Some vaccinations are required by local and state officials. Only a veterinarian can administer a Rabies vaccine. Our veterinarian will discuss which vaccinations are best for your pet given its species, breed, and age. 

Dental Cleanings

Annual dental cleanings are vital to a pet's overall health. Pet dental screenings allow our veterinarian to look for tartar build-up, broken or rotted teeth, and gum disease. During a dental cleaning, your pet will be placed under safe general anesthesia where tartar will be removed from under the gum line. If any teeth need to be extracted at this time, our veterinarian will take care of them. 

Microchipping is the Key to Having Your Pet Returned

Microchipping allows your pet to be returned to you in the event it is lost and stolen. Even the best pet parents make innocent mistakes such as leaving doors open, leaving fence latches partially undone, and other actions that allow pets to escape. In other cases, pets may panic and dig their way under a fence, climb up a tree, jump over a wall, or chase something down the street. Microchipping ensures your pet will be returned to you should it escape.

Surgery (Including Orthopedic)

If your pet needs surgery, it's essential to discuss with your veterinarian having that done at the appropriate time. Surgery, when necessary, can extend the life of your pet. Conditions requiring surgery can arise suddenly, making routine veterinary examinations important.

Urgent Care

Sometimes your pet needs help outside of the times when a convenient appointment can be made. These are times when you need a veterinarian that can provide services early morning, late evening, on the weekends and more. 

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